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Encouraging perseverance

in families with recovering

organ transplant children.



When her niece was diagnosed with a fatal liver disease just months after she was born, Brittany Adams—founder of Wellcome Home Kids—understood that bringing Hazel home was a distant dream. In the treacherous months that followed her diagnosis, Brittany found herself overwhelmed by her family's unshakable strength of will. As she visited her younger sister and severely ill niece in Los Angeles during the rapid decline of Hazel's health, Brittany was consistently awe-struck by the compassion of volunteers, and the joy that her tiny niece was able to spread from a place of such suffering. She understood that just being a sounding board and offering hugs meant so much to her sister and family, but she felt a need to do more.

Our mighty mission was born out of a family nightmare that turned miracle.



After months of uncertainty and several failed attempts to find a donor, the familiy's prayers were answered. Hazel received the gift of life from a special little liver, described by her doctors as a “perfect fit”. While her fight for wellness was far from over, this extraordinary turn of events inspired a revitalized sense of hope. And it was during Hazel's recovery that Brittany excitedly realized how she would celebrate this mighty mini and her amazing family: She would channel her passions for enhancing comfortable living spaces and design a one-of-kind new bedroom for Hazel. One without tubes, without wires and without machines. A creative and playful place conceived to inspire make-believe, sleep overs and lip-syncing dance-a-thons. A warm and cozy space designed to realize the hopeful vision of Hazel's devoted family.

Driven by Hazel's enduring spirit and her sister's grace, Brittany felt compelled to celebrate. 



Time to breathe and enjoy!

Humbly focused on Hazel's recovery, it was a gift that her sister and family would never have asked for. When they were finally able to return home, Hazel's reaction to her new room was overwhelming for the whole family. After so much planning, hanging, painting, DIY and a later addition of a solid wood toy chest handcrafted by Hazel's grandpa "Poppy" and painted by her Aunt B, her room was complete. Seeing Hazel step into her new space for the first time was fiercely emotional. Hazel had the smile Brittany was planning for, and her sister seemed to finally feel a sense of peace. It was at that moment that Brittany decided she would make it her mission to share this gift with other families of deserving children.



As Wellcome Home Kids continues to gain support and develop vital partnerships, we are working to realize our true ambition: To welcome recovering children home by providing a comfortable and creative space where they can start a beautiful new life. Join us in supporting these inspirational families and brave children. 

Learn more about the mighty ways you can celebrate with us.

Join in the celebration of a beautiful new beginning.


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