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A dedicated group of professional, passionate and inspiring people who are motivated by the WHK cause each in their own way.

Our Board, Officers, and Committee Chairs are all uniquely talented people offering multiple perspectives that contribute to the WHK mission.

The WHK Family

Brittany Adams 

Founder, President

Board Member

Brittany, Founder, President and Board Member of WHK, is also the Chair of our Design Committee that focuses on collaborating with artisans for the spaces we gift to children post transplant surgery. Residing in North San Diego County with her own two young children, Scarlett and Beck, Brittany also has an extensive professional background in sales, sales management and business development. Since childhood, she has honed her love to design and decorate. She has redesigned (again and again) spaces in her own home and happily provided assistance in evolving spaces for family and friends. When her niece, Hazel, underwent liver transplant surgery after living in the hospital for the majority of her first year, it was obvious to Brittany what she wanted to gift the tiny angel upon returning home. When the time came to reveal her new space to her niece, Brittany was overwhelmed with the warmth it brought to her heart, and was surprised by the inspiration it brought to her sister and little immediately became a dream of hers to do the same for other children and their families with similar struggles someday.

"The support we have acquired to this point, still in our infancy as an organization, from our team members, partners, donors and artisans from around the country is so incredible. We are all so ecstatic to be giving back to these inspiring families and their little heroes."

Sabrina Covington 

Board Member

Sabrina serves on the WHK Board of Directors, as the Chair of our Recruiting Committee, and as the Co-Chair of our Networking Committee. Sabrina is a single mom of two beautiful girls, Cedar and Shelby. Living in San Diego County, she keeps herself busy as a full-time Commercial and Residential REALTOR® and Broker Associate at Realty ONE Group, Partner at SDEB5, and Partner at Cal Tier Realty, LLC. Sabrina is the founder her own Non-Profit, Healthy Kids Choice, Inc. and organizes the Annual Candy Buy Back of San Diego County. Sabrina has a knack for creative networking and for connecting community members for the good of their causes. Her efforts have been pivotal for the establishment of WHK.

“Wellcome Home Kids is inspirational to me because it's purely based on Brittany's heart and desire to make children and their families smile after such a horrific time. I am very excited to watch how the spaces that are created by WHK affect the families they are gifted to.”

Veronica Galbraith 


Board Member

Veronica, mommy to Hazel, our inspiration, serves on the Board of Directors for WHK, and is our organization’s Secretary, as well as the Co-Chair to our Networking Committee. Veronica puts passion into anything she dedicates herself to, which is evident in her history as a professional dancer, and now as a stay-at-home mom and part-time homeschool teacher to her children Brayden, Bowie, and Hazel in Tucson, AZ.  


Veronica wished to be a part of Wellcome Home Kids knowing the hardships that can be endured by an entire family when a child is ill, even after they are brought home well. Her personal experience returning home with Hazel, and being gifted a new space for her daughter to find comfort and creativity in, gave her family extra inspiration to persevere through the next stages of Hazel adapting to a more normal childhood. She believes in the encouragement it provides and is excited to give that to other families.


“Aside from being a small part of something so impactful, I am just excited to celebrate other families who've been long awaiting their child's homecoming, and to witness the joy added by WHK and its partners.”

Krista Gill 

Board Member

Krista serves on the WHK Board of Directors from her home in Baltimore, MD, and is the Co-Chair to our Marketing Committee, as well as Chair to our Fundraising Committee. Currently, Krista's full-time position is to lead a team of designers, writers, photographers and videographers in the development of a mission-driven brand dedicated to ocean conservation, National Aquarium. With her full-time position at a non-profit organization, Krista contributes her knowledge of brand awareness and presence in the non-profit community to WHK. She also brings her incredible creative talent in graphic and aesthetic design, along with an understanding of user experience, from her extended involvement with well-known brands such as Under Armour® and Beats by Dre™. Krista is wife to Geoff, and mother to daughter River and sons Julian and Oliver, identical twin boys and little brothers to River. With her three little ones and her demanding full-time career to juggle, we are grateful to have Krista's dedication to WHK, as she was one of the first believers in our cause. 

"Inspired by the natural strength of these children and the relentless willpower of their families, I am excited about the impact that WHK stands to have on a community so deserving."


Ben Lucero 

Board Member

Ben serves on the WHK Board of Directors and is [appropriately] the Chair of our Event Planning Committee. As the Floral Manager and Event Coordinator for Pacific Event Productions in San Diego, Ben has an eye for completely transforming a space. His fascinating talent in turning the ordinary into extraordinary has been proven by his work on some of the largest events held in SoCal, including the exclusive annual San Diego Ronald McDonald House charity gala, ROMP where he met Brittany, founder of WHK, for the first time. She was so blown away by the spectacular details and feeling of whimsy and wonder in the transformed event space that she knew she needed someone like him to join the WHK family. "I want the children to feel the way I did walking into this event when they walk into their spaces for the first time," Brittany shared with her sister Veronica at the event in October 2016.


Ben and his partner, Louis, live in San Diego and make it a tradition to transform their own home into a magical wonderland every Halloween and Christmas season for children nearby to enjoy. He is a natural fit for the WHK family. 

"I'm inspired by the idea of creating a memory for these WHK children. The look in their eyes makes it all worth it. WHK gives purpose to the work I do and I look forward to watching the organization grow and not only have a lasting impression on the lives of the families we help, but on my life as well."

Vicki Pollock 


From Charlotte, NC, Vicki holds the position of Treasurer on our team of WHK Officers. Wife to Tim, and mother to Riley, Vicki also works full-time for an insurance wholesaler as a software project manager facilitating her teams' visions, coordinating members and managing the removal of road blocks on a daily basis. She is extremely organized and well-versed in money management and systems involved in keeping a business on track. Her attention to detail, motivational energy and knowledge of business make her a true asset to the WHK family.


Vicki believes the greatest gift of all is to be able to experience the unexplainable love you feel for your child and to watch them grow. She looks forward to helping parents and families celebrate their child's ability to have a future and to make their homecoming moment even more memorable.

"I'm excited to think of the reach that Wellcome Home Kids can have and how we can support these families who have been through so much by providing them a special space to read together, giggle together, and celebrate each day with a reminder of how special life truly is." 


Natalie Staines 

Vice President

Natalie is Vice President to our organization and the Co-Chair to our WHK Marketing Committee. Residing in Severna Park, MD, Natalie is the mother to two beautiful children, Connor and Avery, and wife to Tim. Her full-time Director of Marketing position at R2i, a full-service digital marketing agency, holds her responsible for the company's brand awareness, thought leadership, and generation of qualified leads. She works with well-known partners and clients such as Adobe®, Microsoft®, DSM and Boston College. Natalie's enlightening smile says it all! WHK is lucky to have her not only for her extensive background and success in marketing and brand management, but also because she has an infectiously happy attitude and she dedicates herself to what she believes in 100%!


Natalie is proud to be a part of a mission that celebrates a milestone that is so important in coming home well and beginning a new normal. She believes its about giving and bringing smiles and sighs of relief to families who have just emerged from a dark tunnel and deserve nothing but light in their lives.

"The potential for scale in what we can do with WHK and the lives we can impact is both inspiring and humbling. It's what makes me eager to be a part of this organization and to be a part of the growth we will undoubtedly experience."


Natalie Staines 

Vice President


Julie Fetherman 

Orlando Chapter Lead

Fundraising Committee Chair

Julie is the Chair of our WHK Fundraising Committee, head of Public Relations, as well as the leader in launching our new WHK Orlando Chapter! Residing in Orlando, FL, Julie is mother of two daughters, Rowan and Emma, and son Jameson (Jamo). Her full-time EVP of Sales position for Restore Rehabilitation, a medical case management company that helps injured employees recover from work related injuries, has held her responsible for building strong relationships with national and regional companies and retaining their business long-term. With 20-years of experience in relationship building, strategic partnerships, and delivering on what she promises, Julie brings a skillset to our organization that is invaluable. She is a natural fit!


Julie is inspired by WHK's intention to encourage perseverance in the lives of organ transplant kids after facing so many obstacles. She says, “When it would have been so easy for these families to lose hope during the illness and surgery, they remained faithful and strong.” Julie feels WHK room makeovers and fun-filled toy chests are not only a gift to begin healing, but also a symbol of the strength they embody. 


“I am so excited to watch the faces of every child that WHK touches and share in the joy they experience. My hope for WHK is that we can expand its presence to serve children on both coasts, and all states in between.”


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