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Wellcome Home Sarah!

Sarah and her family were nominated by one of our trusted partners, the San Diego Ronald McDonald House. Wellcome Home Kids had the pleasure of spending many hours in the family's house leading up to our exciting reveal, which we filmed live on Instagram on July 25, 2017 at 5pm PT.


We found Sarah's story to be very special as she is an older teenager at 18, and as a cancer survivor, bone marrow transplantee, and a special needs child, she will be living with her parent's for the remainder of her life. Her space before was nice; however, it was our goal to make it a happy and serene space for Sarah to recover and grow into adulthood comfortably. Her one very adamant request was a hammock chair to hang out in, and her love for the San Diego Padres made this girly room much more exciting! We are lucky to have the professional baseball team as a partner for our San Diego projects, as they made filling her hand-crafted toy chest extra fun!

Sarah, a 17-year old bone marrow transplantee, was cleared to be released from the hospital in April 23, 2017, and her "re-birthday" was March 30th. March 30th is a day she and her family will celebrate every year!




“She loves her room and sits in her hanging chair all the time. It's definitely her special place.”

    -Sarah's Dad 

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