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“I have never seen Samantha stand so strong for so long before…It’s incredible! Thank you!”

    -Samantha’s Mommy

Wellcome Home Samantha!

As our first WHK hero since Hazel, she was introduced to us by her gracious social worker at the UCLA Mattel Children's hospital. Wellcome Home Kids had the pleasure of meeting Samantha and her mother with the delivery of a special WHK gift on October 8, 2017.


Although the delivery was made in the hospital due to her being treated for a virus, the emotional and noticeable physical impact of our gift was unmistakable. The delivery experience exceeded our expectations tremendously. Sweet, smiley Samantha gave our team encouragement tenfold of what we set out to do for her!  

Sammy, an 18-month liver transplantee, was cleared and released from the hospital on July 10, 2017.



WHK with Sammy and her Mommy

Sammy's WHK Special Gift

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